My Friend Beth!

Today is the First Anniversary of Beth’s passing.

I still miss her.

I miss her emails – she had a special knack of writing. in a way that brightened your dullest day.

I had never met Beth in person – only knew her via the internet. But I also that the special priviledge of speaking to her on the phone a few times. She definitely had a unique voice. Still remember it.

Michelle, Beth & I had a special bond – we could “talk” to each other about anything. When Beth told Michelle & I about her illness, she demanded that we don’t treat her any different. For a short while after, Michelle & I didn’t quite know how to handle it or what to write about in our emails, but slowly with positive feedback from Beth, we continued on with our jolly, informative & “laugh a minute” emails.

I remember the last time I spoke to Beth – it was 6 days before she passed away. She was so full of positive thoughts & she made me feel very positive too. Little did I know, that it would be the last time I would speak to her.

Love you Beth & I’m sure you’re having a ball with the Angels & teaching them the Collingwood theme song.

Thinking of Ian today. 


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