My Brush with Fame (is that the right saying?)

My youngest son attended an all day Regional Athletics Competition today. He participated in the 80m Hurdles, 70m & 200m races. He, unfortunately, didn’t make any event through to the Finals – but at least he tried his best. We have to go again tomorrow afternoon for his 400m race. It was a very hot Melbourne day & no breeze.

As he was competing, I had to do my duty. My job was to assist in the Canteen – never done it before, I had a restless night’s sleep last night & was really worrying about it. The ladies in the Canteen were lovely – we chatted on & off during the afternoon (as ladies do) & found out that I knew a sister & a friend of one of the lovely ladies. Small world!

Anyway, as I was serving the many kids & adults during the afternoon, I saw this tallish dark guy walk up to the counter & I thought “I know you” – well, not personally – only from a TV show. I thought I would not have done this in a million years & asked him “Are you Ernie Dingo?” – He said “Yes”.  He was just a normal father, watching his son run, throw, jump or whatever today. He probably thought he would blend in – yeh right! He was wearing a green/white striped top with a red hat – do you think he would blend in? He even spoke the same, as he does on TV.

I was lucky enough to serve him twice this afternoon.

Did I mention, I shook his hand too?

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