Children’s Birthday Parties

Saturday night I conducted my first ever Stampin’ Up!® Children’s Birthday Party.

I charged $10 per child (including the Birthday Girl) – the Birthday Girl received some cardstock, envelopes, a little stamp with a stampin’ spot & a birthday card.

I gave each girl a Stampin’ Up!® plastic bag – inside was their kits, a Stampin’ Techniques booklet (old style) & a flyer advertising my Children’s Birthday Parties.

They made a bookmark & a card – of course, they had to use glitter too.

The girls were mainly 11yo/12yo – they were very polite, careful with my stamps, understood instructions & made wonderful projects. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves & I told them “Don’t forget to tell your Mum’s about how much fun you had”. Hint, hint!

Fortunately, I didn’t have to travel far – it was at my neighbour’s home. It was also a sleepover party, so after my part of the evening had finished, my neighbour (who also participated in the session) & I drank through a bottle of champagne.

Really enjoyed the evening with the girls – so I am eager to do some more.

Never know where this might lead!



2 Responses

  1. Love the thought that you ‘might’ have stayed for a sleepover, Margaret! LOL.

  2. Would have been funny, wouldn’t have it?

    Well we did loan them an extra couple of mattresses to use.

    So I suppose we were connected to the “sleepover” in a strange way.

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