We Won the Junior Football Grand Final! Woohoo!

Generally our team does not play well in wet conditions, but today started off fine (ish). Then the sun would come out & then it rained – on & off through the game.

The opposition team were very good – they played last weekend also & I thought they would “seal the deal”.

But it wasn’t the case.

It was a VERY low scoring game.

Final scores were:

1 5 = 11

1 4 = 10

(For those who don’t know Aussie Rules – it is 6 points for every goal, plus 1 point for every behind/touch)

The oval was VERY MUDDY & the boys looked very dirty afterwards.

Below are some photos of my son & his team mates:

The Winners

(My husband & other son are pictured also

– they are located on the left hand side of photo in bright green outfits)

Presentation of Winners Medal

My Son – The Muddy Monster


3 Responses

  1. They are so cool, Margaret. What a proud mother you must be.

    Gosh, I hope your washing machine is up for all that mud!

    Scrapbooking Here I Come!

  2. Well done – I was eagerly awaiting the news of the winners!!

    Love the mud photos – I can see some scrapbooking coming up Margaret.

  3. Well Done Margaret. It looked really really muddy. how long did it take to get all that mud off?
    Love all the cards.You have lots of great ideas.

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