Long Time No Blog……………….

I should have fore-warned you, that I was taking 3 weeks “annual leave”.

I didn’t go anywhere, but hubby did. He went to Dubai & London for only 10 days – but came home bearing gifts of all sorts. Lovely!

I thought during my annual leave – it would give me time to catch up on other interests eg. scrapbooking. But I had a dreaded hayfever cold & couldn’t be bothered doing any scrapbooking. I think I only managed one page of journalling.

I’ve also had a child home sick – well not actually sick – he stubbed his toe, whilst doing something very silly. The toe swelled up really well, was bruised & Master 12 was unable to walk properly. He wanted to get crutches to use, but I decided against them. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson – DO NOT RUN THROUGH THE HOUSE WHILE JUMPING OVER COUCHES, PILLOWS, BEDS, CUSHIONS ETC. He will be back to school next week.

I have completed a few new cards over the past weeks & will desperately try & upload them soon.

For those in Melbourne, enjoy your l-o-n-g weekend!

2 Responses

  1. Welcome Back, Margaret!! I Loved hanging out at your place, yesterday, and came home feeling Very Inspired. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing your card photos.

  2. I’m laughing… and I’m sure he did not think it was funny, but the thought of kids running and jumping on couches… oh the fun!

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