Welcome To Our Family!

Our new bundle of JOY arrived One day earlier than expected.

We are VERY happy to have JOSIE be part of our family. Josie is a 8 week old Spanador. She is a cross between a Labrador & a Cocker Spaniel. She won’t grow as tall as a Labrador – maybe just half the size.

josie-1The first photo shows her in her bed (which she had no trouble settling into). She got a bit of a fright when the camera flash went off too.


This is probably my favourite photo of her………………………….so far. She is very photogenic – what do you think?

The following ones are of Josie’s various sleeping styles:



We received a phone call from the Breeders this afternoon at 4.15pm to say that our Spanador Puppy was ready for collection & if we wanted to collect her today or tomorrow morning.

Lucky for me, Louis (my darling husband) was home – so I ran downstairs & told him to collect her today. We had to be at the Breeders by 4.45pm. So he told Michael that he needed to collect some timber, as a disguise to get Michael to go with him to collect Josie.

Nicholas was about to go to Relay Training – so luckily for us, that was his distraction. Louis arrived arrived just after I arrived home from taking Nick to training. There sitting on Michael’s lap was this BEAUTIFUL golden puppy. I was in love instantly!

Nick eventually arrived home at 7pm & was wondering why we were mopping up something wet off the floor – we said we had a spillage & then he saw a Flash of a puppy run past. He got very excited & has been asking for the past 2 years “When are we getting a puppy?”. It was an instant connection between him & Josie.

Josie has been introduced to most of the neighbours (incl. pets).

The real test will be TONIGHT. Will she sleep through? I hope so.

I wasn’t brought up in a dog household, so everything is so new to me. I keep saying to myself “What have I done?” – but then see the JOY that Josie has brought to our household in 5 hours & think it is all worth it.

Any suggestions on how to train a puppy most welcome!

3 Responses

  1. She’s gorgeous!! What a delight she will be, or should I say, already is. Welcome Josie.

  2. Hi Margaret – I am eagerly awaiting more pics of your darling girl – did she end up sleeping on your bed? or with the boys?

  3. she is soooo beautiful Margaret
    have a lovely christmas and hope you can get through december without too many down days

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