My Mum!

Every year for the past 10 years, once December hits – I often find it very hard to cope with. Also have found Christmas difficult at times. Why?

My Mum unexpectedly passed away on this day – exactly 10 years ago. She wasn’t sick – well not that I knew of. But she did die of a stomach ulcer related incident. She was here one day, gone the next.

The first Christmas was not so difficult, it just felt like she was on holidays. I was surrounded by loved ones – including my two very young sons.

As the years have gone on, I have found it difficult (at times) to be cheerful, jolly & excited about the wonderful Celebration of Christmas. I have often put on a brave face, just for my boys.

But this year, has been different.

My youngest son has just graduated from Primary School (today is his last day).

Once December hit this year, it has been Go, Go, Go to get ready for his Graduation Party. So my mind has been on other things.

I have said a prayer for her today. I received a lovely email from a friend, saying she was thinking of me today.

I may get teary this afternoon when my son (along with his other classmates) run through a Guard of Honour at the end of today. My son has asked that I do not cry, but I’m sure a little tear will be OK.

I’ll be thinking of my Mum & how much she has missed out on, during my boy’s lives – first day of Kinder, first day of Primary School, first day of Secondary School – very important milestones in their lives & mine.

I still think of my Mum every day. I love her &  miss her.

I remember her writing in a Christmas Card (one that never got sent, as she passed away after she wrote it):

“Time is a magnificent healer”

How true that is!


3 Responses

  1. I think that a tear today would be Very Appropriate, Margaret.

    Thank You for sharing the story of your mum.

    Congratulations on having Graduated Primary School! YAY!

  2. Margaret, My thoughts and prayers are with you today and with your Mum. I know that she will have been looking over your shoulder cheering her grandson on.
    Her memory is still alive and strong in you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I lost my Mum last year, and I know the memory will never dull. We were so very fortunate to have had her live with us for 14 years – all of our boys lives, and I feel blessed that we were chosen to share that time with her.
    Have a very Blessed Christmas,

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