Puppy School!

We had our first experience of Puppy School last night.

What an experience it was!

Just driving to School was an experience, she isn’t a very happy “back seat” passenger. She squirmed, barked & felt uncomfortable. Fortunately, school was only 10 minute drive away.

Once there, she barked & squealed – not sure if she was happy, excited or upset. First time puppy owner here. Eeek!

Anyway, once class began – the puppies were allowed to socialize with each other. There were 2 other puppies – one a white fluffy ball of fur (half the size of Josie) named Mila & a very timid kelpi mixed with something else named Max.

Who was the life of the party?


She was VERY active & VERY socialable. Josie & Mila got on very well. Poor Max just sat & watched for a while.

My Party Dog decided to show the other 2 puppies some special activities she is very good at………………..not on command. Yep, a nice big wee, followed by a “not so nice” no. 2. But Mila decided it was fun & followed suit. Max was not interested at all – good boy Max!!

The Instructor – Martin – took charge of Josie & showed us how to massage our dogs, do a “Vet” check, more massaging (at this stage, I asked if this works on husbands too) – apparently it does. lol!

We were shown how to use the “Sit” command & “Come” command. So now we have homework to do, each day for the the next week. So far, so good.

We were there an hour, so after all that exhaustive work, Josie decides to go to sleep. So does Mila! Max – alert as anything!

Stay tuned for more Puppy School adventures next week.

2 Responses

  1. I remember puppy school very well!!! I’m glad to see you have mastered your camera and the shots of your family are great, well done. I love the puppy school news and really look forward to lots more sequels. I hope your sister has a wonderful birthday,I’m sure she will love her card. Take care and happy stamping, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xxx

  2. Ooh, that sounds So Exciting! I might need to get a dog so I can attend Puppy School.

    Roll on next week. I can’t wait for more of Josie’s Puppy School Stories!

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