Puppy School – 2nd Night

Our second evening of Puppy School was on last night.

Only Michael & I attended, as Nick had gone to work with his Dad for the day.

Josie was OK on our journey to Puppy School, although she was a bit anxious too. I don’t think she likes travelling in my little car much. Anyway, we managed to get to school in plenty of time. Mila & Max were there  early too.

So our class started earlier than usual. We were asked how our “homework” went & then we were asked to show how good our commands are working. All puppies excelled in their commands.

Max, Mila & Josie had some social time. Josie always wanted that extra bit of attention, that either Max or Mila were getting, at the time, from the Instructor.

Josie wasn’t as boisterous as she was last week – Phew! No party tricks this week either.

The puppies learnt table manners this week. Mmmmm wonder if it works on teenagers too? I’ll just have to experiment with Josie’s table manners – it’s part of our homework this week.

After our class, Josie had to have her 3 month vaccination. So she was seen by The Vet & his name was Paul. Paul fussed over Josie (which she loved), he checked her breathing, her heart, her ears, mouth &  paws. Paul check her temperature – I won’t tell you where he put the thermometer to do that? I think you can guess! After more treats, she was given her vaccination. She was fine.

I’ve booked Josie in for her BIG operation in February.

Paul answered all my questions – which was very helpful.

Stay tuned for Josie’s final Puppy School report next week.

Woof Woof from Josie!


2 Responses

  1. Fabulous Story, Margaret. Thank You!

    I confess to feeling a bit sad that there won’t be many more “Josie Goes to Puppy School” stories.

    Looking forward to more “Josie at Home” stories, instead. 🙂

  2. Hi Margaret, What a good girl your Josie is, I’m glad to hear that she is enjoying her classes and she is excelling with her homework. I hope she continues to do well and all goes well for her BIG op. I have posted some pics of my two boys on my blog today. Take care and have fun with Josie. Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xx

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