Thank You To My Friend Leanne!

I was really looking forward to a fabulous & exciting Hostess Workshop this afternoon at Coral’s.

Everything was ready on the table for Coral’s friends to enjoy an afternoon of stamping.

While we were waiting for the last of the guests to arrive, I received a phone call from my youngest son.

He informed me that my eldest son had accidently locked both of them out of the house – closed the door without realizing that it was locked on the inside. My youngest son had phoned me, from a friend’s home.

He also told me that his older brother was a bit panicky & “smashed” a window to try & get inside. So hence, the older brother had a cut hand & bled. Thankfully another neighbour came to his rescue & bandaged it up. He was fortunate he didn’t require stitches either. Just a sore ego – as most teenagers have.

Anyway, back at Coral’s – I really didn’t know what to do – do I leave her & her guests (along with my stash of products)? or do I just grin & bear it?

Well, my family is my priority – so I decided to leave the Workshop, left all my products there too. One of the participants had been to a few workshops, as well as, held a few herself. So she took over.  Her name is Leanne!

Leanne rang me after she got home & asked after our wellbeing & said everything turned out fine at the workshop. They had fun – which was the main thing.

I went back later this afternoon to collect my Trolley of products. Leanne had put most of my products back into my trolley – which was a great help. Coral re-scheduled another date for her next Workshop (cross our fingers – everything will be fine then).

I even joked with Leanne about becoming a Demonstrator, because she did such a great job – her response was “One day”. Mmmmmmm!

I’ll just keep bugging you Leanne! lol!

So, here’s to you Leanne:






Margaret  xxoo


One Response

  1. What a Fabulous Friend! Leanne is definitely Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Material. 🙂

    What a wonderful post, Margaret. I trust your boys, your window, and your ‘mother worry’ are all well and fine today.

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