UStamp – Me Stamp, We All Stamp!

I’ve recently signed up to be part of the UStamp Holiday 09 projects. See my sidebar for the “blinkie” – cute hey?

Each day we are provided with different projects to complete (if you want or in my case, having time). Some of the projects have included: a Christmas Ornament, a Christmas Album, a Christmas Cake Box, Tag Tote, cards & matching boxes, etc.

So far, I have only completed one project – the Christmas Cake Box.


The one thing you will probably notice, is my Holly Leaves – yes, I know they are meant to be green, but these ones are just a little different. lol!

I made the holly leaves by using the large oval punch & then using the 1/2″ circle punch to make the indentations. Cute aren’t they?

Thanks for stopping by!


Margaret  xxoo

One Response

  1. LOVE this box, Margaret!

    LOVE the UStamp process, too. It really is All Consuming … every time a new project is posted, I notice (again) how long it’s taking me to create the previous project. LOL.

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