Saturday morning in Carlton!

After I had woken up Saturday morning, I decided to make myself a lovely cuppa tea – this helps start my busy day ahead.

I was staying with my older sister at her flat – saved me from travelling from the eastern suburbs to the city for the Craft & Quilt Fair.

I rolled up her kitchen blinds to see this wonderful sight:

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw this BIG Hot Air Balloon drift across Carlton – so I quickly grabbed my camera & mobile phone. What a glorious day for a ride! No rain, not cold, just a perfect Melbourne morning!

Here’s a closer image:

Doesn’t the sky look wonderful?

My sister told me, that the balloons often come across this way – sometimes there are up to 3 of them.

Well, when I enjoying my porridge topped with fresh strawberries – that’s what I saw – 3 balloons floating over Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Beautiful…….Peaceful……….Wish I was in one of them! Don’t you?


Margaret  xxoo


One Response

  1. Ahh, what a blissful start to a fabulous day, Margaret! Does your sister offer B & B services? I think I’d like to book in for porridge and strawberries with the Hot Air Balloon backdrop!

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