Convention Photos

Thought it was time I showed you some of the fantastic photos fron this year’s South Pacific Convention held last month. I was only one of approximately 460 stamp-crazed fans consisting of Demonstrators & Guests at this years Convention, which was conveniently held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

I’m sure some non-Convention attendees thought I was weird taking a photo of a sign! But it wasn’t just any sign – it was THE SIGN! To show me the way to my 3 days of indulgence & fun!

Here is the Welcome Sign – pretty bright isn’t it? Matches well against the Orange Stairs – don’t you think?

After we registered & collected our Bright Pumpkin Pie & Pretty in Pink bags & FREE stamp sets (can’t tell you about them just yet), we lined up for Memento Mall (there was no queue when I went there). These ladies are queueing up to grab their bargains – wonder how long they were waiting for? These bags stood out around Melbourne – we knew each other where part of a special “society”. lol!

When at Convention, YOU MUST have a photo taken with Shelli Gardner – I felt like I was lining up to see Santa! She constantly had a BIG SMILE on her face. She was very inspirational to listen to & cracked some very funny one-liners. It was awesome to meet her in the flesh.

Some more photos to highlight:

Top to BottomSarah Fisher (my SU! sideline) I was looking out for her (as I had never met her before), but fate stepped in & she came & sat down for a rest next to me. Marija Paic met her on the first day – she was at Convention by herself & was also a Convention “Virgin”. Although I wasn’t in the same group as Sarah & Marija, we always managed to catch up with each other.

Card Displays – I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw my Regional Swap up on the board at Convention – woohoo! It’s the one in the centre with the pretty Butterfly. I was very chuffed!

Gala Dinner: Showcasing the yummy dinner, menu, flowers on the tables & the way the Waiters brought out the food – very “high tea”ish – don’t you think?


Last but not least – one of my favourite photos. This is a photo of me & the lovely Charmaine Black. Charmaine & I have been emailing back & forth over the past 3 years. Charmaine lives in Perth & it was totally awesome to catch up with her & actually meet her in the flesh. She gives the best hugs! Charmaine also received many Awards & is also a Top 25 Demonstrator. Congrats Charmaine!

That’s the end of my Convention journey – well a very small version of it anyway. I’m really looking forward to September, when we can show you the new stamp sets & other surprizes being launched.

Thanks for visiting!